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Breeders - Dogs

1. Bulldog for sale
English bulldog puppies for sale from Bruiser Bulldogs. Based in Indiana, Bruiser Bulldogs is one of the area’s leading American & English Bulldog breeders, and we ship all around the country. English Bulldog puppies and American Bulldogs puppies for sale.

2. Dog breeders- Puppies For Sale
Puppies for sale from many Reputable dog breeders,puppy breeders, Gun dog breeders, hunting and bird dog breeders. A great resource if your looking to find a AKC cheap pure bred puppy for sale or find a dog for sale or adoption.

3. Foxstone Maltese
Maltese puppies and Maltese dogs at Foxstone Maltese - Maltese Breeders of AKC Champion Maltese dogs and Maltese puppies in Colorado with information on Maltese dogs and Maltese puppies in general..

4. Kirada Poodles
Australian breeder of quality Standard Poodles in white,cream,blue and silver. Incorporating some of the finest American lineage available. Our Standard Poodles and our beautiful Greyhound are house dogs and our puppies are raised the same. We do not kennel.

5. Prairie German Shorthair Pointers
Our German Shorthair Pointer breeding program produces versatile GSP dogs, upland hunting dogs, bird dogs, pointer dogs, quail dogs and GSP dogs that possess intense hunting instincts

6. Scottish terrier puppies for sale and adoption
Visit our Pet Directory for many pet related listings.

7. The Rottweiler Chronicle
The Rottweiler Chronicle is an on-line bi-monthly publication for Rottweiler people by Rottweiler people!

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