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Links of Interest to Pet Lovers

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Pet Rescue

1. Beagle Dog Books, Beagle Dog Rescue Stories
Grinning Beagle Productions writes childrens books about beagles that have been rescued.Ý A large portion of the proceeds goes to animal shelters.Ý Beagle themed jewelry and Beagle themed toys.Ý Read stories about Beagle rescue and Happy Endings for Beagles who found Beagle-loving homes.

2. Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue Home
Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue is a non-profit purebreed Boxer dog rescue covering North Carolina. We are commited to the rescue and placement of abused, neglected and surrendered Boxer dogs.

3. Carolina Basset Hound Rescue
Carolina Basset Hound Rescue ( CBHR ) is a volunteer-staffed, non-profit organization rescuing and placing stray, unwanted, neglected, and abandoned basset hounds in permanent homes. ,

4. Greyhound Adoption of Greater Rochester NY
Greyhound Adoption of Greater Rochester NY

5. Middle Tennessee Boxer Rescue
Middle Tennessee Boxer Rescue is a volunteer organization taking in neglected, abused and abandoned boxers and placing them in loving homes

6. Simple Pet Care
We offer free pet classifieds to help you find what you're looking for - whether that be a new home for your pet, or a new pet for your home.

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